🧢HEALTHY HOME HAIR CARE - Hair caring is a daily work, you can easily make hot head deep conditioning heat cap compress to your hair at home, which will greatly save your time and money. No need to sit under stationary dryer for long time, enjoy this hands free heat cap for deep conditioning, make your hair into smooth and silky.
🧢VERSATILE HAIRCARE SUPPORT - A smarter alternative to a hot towel or hooded dryer, these hair heating caps can be used on damaged, curly, frizzy, long, natural, or ethnic hair types to help improve strength, volume, and manageability. Our deep conditioning heat cap is completely useful and gives the supporting effectiveness your hair merits. Incredible for characteristic hair to fix breakage, leaving hair soft and manageable, diminishes frizz.
🧢DEEP CONDITIONING - The heat systematically allows ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles more efficiently, leaving your hair snug and soft. Great for relaxing hair follicles and spreading the nutrition. Boosts the performance of hot head deep conditioning cap, reconstructors, hot oil and other hair treatments. Our deep conditioning cap seals in treatment and loosens up the hair follicles for successful dispersion of supplements.
🧢EASY TO USE - There is no need for electrical outlets or batteries! Before applying the cap to your conditioned hair. The heat cap deep conditioning for natural hair is cordless and simply place in MICROWAVE for a 1-2 min. Increase by a few seconds if it’s not warm enough then place the steam cap onto the head for your desired time. Lightweight and convenience takes into account adaptability and opportunity while molding. (Always warm not hot)!
🧢ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Equipped with an elastic rim, the deep conditioning cap retrofits itself to all head sizes. The elastic in the hair steamer cap has excellent memory so it maintains form and efficiency after continuous usage. (Reusable | Ecofriendly). Free gift offer with every Gift Bag and 10-pack of disposable shower caps!